The Better Zoning organization is dedicated to the proposition that cities can optimize land use to satisfy all interested parties: economic development planners; landowners; developers; environmentalists; elected officials; etc. BUT that many cities are not currently achieving the optimum zoning can be better.

Better Zoning is dedicated to the proposition that understanding the issues, really seeing the issues from all sides can lead the parties to better zoning without confrontation.

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The Better Zoning organization seeks partners who share this vision.

It will take time and resources.

Most of you, the interested parties reading this, don't have the time to tackle this project. It is not your job. But it is important to you.

The Better Zoning organization wants to be your voice. Better Zoning needs your help. Contributions, surely; and information you have that can be used to educate the decision makers.

Please click the PayPal link below to add your financial support to "Better Zoning" via PayPal. For more information on financial support, click here.

If you have questions about your contribution, or prefer another method to contribute, please contact us at 512-563-4081.

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